God’s love vs Satan’s fear


A high school girl faints. She now is breathing hard and is getting weak. The only doctor who can help is a “doctor”, who works from his own home. He is rude, and hits her to bring her back to consciousness. This is then when I wish I would’ve followed my childhood dream of becoming a nurse. 

The fear in a little boy’s eyes. He is sitting on a stretcher, crying. He has wounds on his face, and hands and he is bleeding. And he is saying that he doesn’t want anyone to beat him. My heart went out to him.

Sometimes you don’t know how to help. Sometimes you feel helpless. This is a story of one of those days.

We had traveled all night and arrived home early that morning. Amazingly, I felt energetic, and decided to go to work for a little bit and than come home and sleep. God works in amazing ways!

When I get to work, my coworker reminds me that we are visiting 3 children today. I’m getting used to last minute plans, so it didn’t bother me, but if I would’ve known what was in store for the day, I may have stayed home and slept instead.

We knew we had a tough case to handle, so we knew it would be a tough day!! We decided we would finish with the difficult case. We were almost done talking to the deputy at this girl’s school, when a teacher comes in and says there is an emergency. There was a girl who had fainted in class. She was crying, and breathing hard. We were asked if we could take her to the hospital.

We took her to the nearest hospital, only to find out that the doctor had gone home already. We hear there is another doctor, so we decide to take her there.

By now she is breathing harder and is getting weak. We keep talking to her, to keep her conscious. And I am praying, that I will not have to use the CPR i learnt in school. The only doctor, who can help is a “doctor”, who works from his own home. He is rude.  He works from his home. I don’t think he always knew what he was doing. He didn’t allow anyone else in the room, and I did not trust him. We heard him slap her. He may have been trying to bring her back to consciousness, but that is not how you do it. I felt so helpless. I didn’t know what to do, but yet we really couldn’t do a lot, because her mother was there, and she was the one that was responsible for her daughter.  The “doctor” gave her 2 shots – a relaxer and an antibiotic, and i just prayed that this was true, that he was giving her something good, and not poison or something.

After seeing this, I wished I would’ve followed my childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Maybe this childhood dream, was something that I should have followed.

We take her to the Thika Level 5 hospital. I have never seen a hospital like this. We arrive, and we have to look for somebody to help. There is no one that is willing to help. We take her in with a stretcher, and I see this boy. And I don’t want to look.

He has wounds on his face, and hands, and he is bleeding. He is crying and obviously in shock, but yet the people he’s with, are demanding that he stops crying. That is not how you talk to a person, much less a child, in pain and shock. This boy is saying, that he doesn’t want anyone to hit him. I don’t want to imagine what brought him to the hospital, much less what happens in his home. The fear in his eyes were enough to know that he has seen, and felt things that nobody, especially a young innocent child, should experience.

We wait in the waiting room, there is blood on the floor, and its not clean. They call us to take her into the room. They are taking their time, and aren’t volunteering to help with the stretcher. We are told to go and wait while they examine her. After 10 minutes they are done, and the girl is standing and is told to go home. Can you imagine, she was weak and tired from struggling to breathe for the last couple hours and now she is told to go home. The doctor/nurse said she had either chest problems, or she had hysteria. My coworker, David asks the girl questions to make sure she is ok, and than we slowly made our way to the stage to release them to go home.

This was the morning, that I was planning to go home early and sleep, well, God had something else in mind. He wanted me to reach out and do what I can, even if it didn’t feel like much. I went home tired, and not feeling well. I was disturbed because of the “doctor”, hospital, and that little boy. I didn’t understand, and still don’t. These people deserve quality healthcare. They need God’s love. And if we don’t, who will?


Life is not fair.

There are innocent children that are hungry.

There are innocent children being abused.

There are innocent children being forced to do things, that they do not want to do.

Innocent children are living in fear.

Why? Because the world that God has created has been spoiled by human’s sin and the powers of evil.

What can we as Christians do about this? Transform this world into a new creation, by bringing these children to Christ, and to provide for their physical needs. You can’t do the one without the other.

Camp14“And the King will make answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Because you did it to the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40

Thanksgiving to God

1. I thank God for the protection he has given me as I have traveled around in Kenya. I don’t want to take it for granted, because many people have died from road accidents, and the Westgate incidence. And it reminds me once again, that God is the one that truly provides protection.

2. I thank God for the visitors that are coming in Dec. My mom, and one of my best friends are coming for 2 months!!! 🙂 And than I also have 2 friends from the US coming for 2 weeks!! Not only will I have visitors, but I will be seeing my children and its Christmas!! It’ll be a wonderful month!! 🙂

Prayer Requests

1. I am applying for an Entry Permit. This permit will allow me to stay in the country for 2, or 3 years without having to always renew my visa. With the normal visa, you need to renew it every 3 months, and than at 6 months you need to leave the country, even if its only for 1 day. Dec. would be the time that I would need to leave the country, but I’m trusting God, that I will be granted the Entry Permit.

2. Pray that God will continue to provide for Journey of Hope – financially and also favor with the government as we fulfill the requirements to start a children’s home.

Journey of Hope!

Journey of Hope!

Let us continue to reach out to the people that God brings into our lives. It may not seem like you are doing much, but God is using you to change lives.

May you have a wonderful and blessed week!! Please note the Canadian address change below.

God bless You!

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Vacation in Mombasa!! :)


The Indian Ocean

Vacation in Mombasa – not something I can do everyday, but when I get the opportunity, I took it.

Mombasa – the Indian Ocean, and the beach, is the place where the white people usually go.

A couple weekends ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Mombasa!! A couple friends were going to a wedding, and they decided to also make it a vacation and they invited me!!

We left a Thurs night and returned Mon. night!! This post is mostly pics of the weekend, and I hope you enjoy!!

Friday evening, we went to a traditional ceremony the night before the wedding, where they bring the bride her suitcase, and if they forget to put something in the suitcase than they pay a fine. Another tradition is to cover 3, or 4 girls with lesols, and the groom has to guess who is his bride-to-be, and if he guesses the wrong one than he has to pay a fine. And of course we ended with sharing a meal!!

Sat. was the wedding!! Maggie was a beautiful bride, inside and out. You know how sometimes you meet a person and you may not have had the opportunity to get to know him/her, but yet you can tell they are in my case beautiful inside and out!! She didn’t know me, but yet she was very welcoming and very sweet!!




and of course Dancing!! 🙂

A cute girl that was there!! :)

Isn’t she cute?!! 🙂

After the wedding we out for American food – chicken, fries, and ice cream!! And oh, it was so good!! 🙂

Chicken n fries

Me and Irene went out for a walk on the beach one beautiful early morning!!!

Beautiful sunrise on the Indian Ocean!!

Beautiful sunrise on the Indian Ocean!!


This last picture has an interesting story. Joy wanted me to experience the ferry, and so we decided to cross the Ocean, and than just go back on the same ferry, but we found out that that was not allowed!! After moving to different seats, a policeman comes to us, and asks why we didn’t get off. Joy explained, and apologized. Secondly, he asks how many pics Joy took. Joy showed them to him. There was a picture of a another ferry, and he asked if we were bombing that one next. He thought this was another Westgate thing. Joy has learnt that when these things happen, just to remain calm. They were conversing in Swahili, and I understood. When the policeman saw I was agreeing with Joy, he said that I might be agreeing to something I don’t know, and I told him I understood. With all of this he was getting frustrated and irritated. He tells us that we will go with him to the office and pay the fine. Joy says no problem, let me call our “parents” who are waiting for us and than we can go with you. Finally he walks away, and he didn’t get the money that he wanted!! Its sad, that you can’t always trust policeman!


My older bro and sis!!

me n joy

My beautiful sister n I

Thank you Paul & Irene, and Joy for the wonderful weekend!!! 🙂 It was refreshing, and it felt wonderful to have fun with friends!! 🙂

Interesting Facts about the Kenyans:

You don’t need an invitation to go to a wedding. You can see there is a wedding, and you can go and no one will think anything of it.

When visiting a friend, you bring a gift of food, or whatever you can afford. Its a sign of respect!

For my Canadian friends I hope you had a blessed thanksgiving!!!

I have so many other things too say, but I will be putting them in different posts!!
God has blessed us to be a blessing to All nations!