Faith, Hope, and Love

Corinthians 13:3 “And if I give all my goods to the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it is of no profit to me.”

It is hard living in a country where there is always poverty around you, where there are always people in need, where there are always hungry and vulnerable children needing help. I don’t know who always to give too, and when or when not I should give, and that is when I ask God to give me wisdom to discern who is genuine, and who He wants me to give to. If we give all we have to the poor, but yet we don’t have love, it doesn’t have any profit. This can be a harsh statement to some, but yet it is so true. If we don’t have the love of God, and we give all we have to help the poor, it doesn’t profit or we aren’t giving what truly is important, God’s love. Doing relief work is important, but yet something very important is missing, Jesus, and than on the other side, when you tell the poor about Jesus, but yet you are not helping them with their basic needs, you are still missing something!  Faith without works is dead!

This is the class that Amanda and I taught at camp in Dec. These children have so much energy!! :)

This is the class that Amanda and I taught at camp in Dec. These children have so much energy!! 🙂

Faith is believing in things that are unseen. This month God really tested my faith. I mentioned in one of my posts, that I had applied for an entry permit that would allow me to stay for 2 years without renewing my visa. The normal process should take 2 months, and I knew that God would have to do a miracle. My visa was expiring Dec. 13, and I applied beginning of Nov. meaning if it didn’t come I would need to leave the country for a day or 2. I knew that God was able to grant me the visa, but yet I still had some doubt. My friends from the US came the 8th and the process still wasn’t complete. We were going to Western that week, and after that to safari. I was beginning to worry and doubt. God granted me the visa the 11th, 2 days before it expired. I was telling our children, and guardians that God is able, but I didn’t believe it. God is truly able to do above and beyond what we can think or imagine!

Hope – the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. 
Operation Hope is here to offer children hope and in Dec. I loved seeing this hope being given in many different ways. One of my visitors after another told an unsponsored child that they now have a sponsor, and than I saw faces light up. Hope is being given. It was heartbreaking to see the room of 3 needy orphans. There were beds, but no mattresses. The room was unclean and had a bad smell. And I wondered how after all they have gone through, they still have smiles. I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the team to give the Christmas gifts from their sponsors: new dresses, and shoes for the girls, a shirt, pants, and shoes for the boy, and a mattress for all of them. When they were looking at themselves in the mirror, they started dancing, because they couldn’t believe that someone cared so much to buy them these expensive clothes! A sponsor, who in this case is my sis and bro, are giving hope. It was so encouraging to hear news from guardians that after camp and after some of the children gave their lives to God, these children’s  actions, and attitudes have changed!!  It touched my heart to see a girl that is living with HIV/Aids, who used to not even talk, but now is improving in school, and doing much better. She is being given hope!  All it takes to give hope to a child is a smile, a couple encouraging words, playing with him/her, and giving some money each month. Give hope today, by sponsoring a child!

These 3 children were given clothes, shoes, & a mattress by their sponsor!! When they saw themselves in the mirror, they started dancing, because they couldn't believe that someone would actually buy them such nice clothes!

These 3 children were given clothes, shoes, & a mattress by their sponsors!! They were so happy!! 🙂 When they saw themselves in the mirror, they started dancing!!! 🙂 They are orphans, and they just want love!! By the time we were leaving, the oldest girl had tears in her eyes!!

Amanda has a friend, who is now her sponsor child.

God is so good!! This sweet girl is needy, and she didn’t have a sponsor, but now things have changed!!  My dear friend is sponsoring her!! 🙂

Love, What is love?

An affectionate concern for the well-being of others.

A sponsor giving a boy a set of clothes, because he only has one set of clothes!

Telling children about Jesus, and they give their hearts to Jesus!!

A young child defending a mzungu from a drunk, mad man!!

Sponsors giving money to needy, vulnerable children!!

Mom and Amanda coming to see me and see what I’m doing!

All of this is love. Not from our own human hearts, but from a heart that God has transformed!


Before having a sponsor!!

Look at the difference between the first and the 2nd picture!! :)

After receiving news that he has a sponsor and also after receiving a set of clothes from his new sponsor, this is the result!! 🙂

All the happy children with their Christmas gifts!

When children in Canada and the US are getting toys for Christmas, these children were given something they needed:food!! They were so grateful!! 🙂

All this sounds hopeful and happy, but its not all that easy. There are stories that are really touching, stories that are really sad, stories that you wish you could change the situation with the snap of a finger.

There  is a boy who when he wakes up, he just doesn’t prepare himself for school, but instead he prepares tea, if there is, for his brothers and sisters. And than he may even help prepare his brothers and sisters for school. He goes to school, tries to do his best, but yet he doesn’t understand everything because the night before he didn’t have time to do his homework, but instead he was cooking, and doing laundry. This boy is only 13, but yet he is doing the work of a mother. The mother isn’t always at home, because she is looking for work. He isn’t able to be a child.

There is a single mother who struggles so much for her children. Her husband died a couple years ago, and now she does her best to provide for her 2 children. Not only is she needy, but the community they are living in is not safe. Robbers have come to their home, and now around her children are being raped, houses are being burned, and people are being killed. She wants to protect her children, but she struggles. She wants to put up an electric fence, but yet when the children are home, she can’t go and work. She struggles, and struggles, but yet she continues to trust that God will provide. 

There is a girl in high school, who is very bright, but yet has made a few bad choices. In high school, she had the potential to do well, but yet she didn’t work hard and even cheated so it looked liked she got good marks. She wanted to become a doctor, but now it is too late. She is a wonderful girl, and we pray that somehow God will give her another chance. 

These are just a few of the tough, sad stories. It is hard to see an innocent child suffer, but that is when you do what you can. It is hard when you want to give a child a hope and a future, but yet they just see today, and not 10 years from now. There are always these tough situations, but yet when He calls, He gives you the grace and strength that you need!


I’ve learnt that even in ministry, its important too have fun sometimes! And that is what we did!! With my mom, Amanda, Andy, & Landen around, there was rarely a boring or quiet moment!!  Laughter, games, such as scum, being crazy, hanging out on safari, and many other memories made for a lot of fun!!!

I'm not sure who these people are!! JK We had such a good time hanging out!!

I’m not sure who these people are!! JK We had such a good time hanging out!!

My mom has been so supportive and its been awesome having her around!! :) She is one of the reasons why I am still here!!

My mom has been so supportive and its been awesome having her around!! 🙂 She has taught me to be woman, and so many other things!! She is one of the reasons why I am still in Kenya!! I love you, Mom!


My beautiful friend, Amanda!! :) Oh, it'll be so hard to say goodbye in 2 weeks!! ;(

My beautiful friend, Amanda!! 🙂 Oh, it’ll be so hard to say goodbye in 2 weeks!! ;(

"Oh, you've come to visit me, Karibu - Welcome."

“Oh, you’ve come to visit me, Karibu – Welcome.” says Simba – Lion

We had the rare chance of seeing the rhinoceros!!

We had the rare chance of seeing the rhinoceros!!


Who can spot the leapord?! The leapord is a hard one to spot, because he takes his kill in the trees, and he’s quite camouflaged!!

Naptime!! 🙂


A ride on a wooden boat on Lake Victoria!!

And of course some pics from Christmas!! It was a wonderful Christmas with Mom and Amanda around!! Eating mom’s food, Christmas decorations such as “snow” made it feel a little like Christmas in Canada!! A big thank you to all my friends from home who sent me gifts!!! I felt honored, and saying thank you doesn’t say what I feel!! Thank you and may God bless you richly!!

Opening gifts!! She was reading a card. I don't know what was funny, but I love this picture!! She looks so happy!!! :)

Merry Christmas!! 🙂 I had so much fun using my new camera that Lanita gave me!! 🙂 It was time to open gifts!! She was reading a card!! I don’t know what was funny, but I love this picture!! She looks so happy!!! 🙂



We had a Canadian Christmas meal!! It was so good!!

We had a Canadian Christmas meal!! It was so good!!


I’m sorry this update is really late, but I hope you’ll forgive me, because I’ve been busy!!

Credits for most of these pictures go to my friends: Landen, Andy, & Amanda! But now thanks to Lanita, I can take my own!

Thank you for all your support, whether it be prayer, financial or both!! I am very grateful!! I know I wouldn’t be here without your prayers!! Prayer is powerful tool and I’ve seen the effects!! The money that you send isn’t for me, but it is for God’s work!! I use it towards camps, or children’s needs or any other needs that I see, and also for my own personal upkeep!! I still don’t know how long I will be here, but I feel God wants me here for at least 5, 10 years, if not more!! It looks big, but I know God will provide, and give me the grace!! If you feel God calling you to financial support His work in Kenya, send a cheque to the address below. Send it saying it is for Charmaine Reimer. You will receive a charitable receipt. Prayer and financial support are both important, and I want to thank you for the role you are playing in God’s work  here!

Here are some of the things that I am thanking God for and asking Him for!!


1. God granted my visa, which is a miracle!!

2. All my visitors that I’ve had!! I feel so blessed!! 🙂

3. Thank God for the new children that now have a sponsor!! 🙂

4. I thank God for taking me through 2013 – His provision, grace, strength, and courage!!


1. God will provide for my visa, it is costing me more than I expected!

2. This year, once again God is taking me out of my comfort zone, by taking me to the Journey of Hope to be a housemother. Very soon I’ll be moving, which is exciting, but scary!! Pray that God will give me wisdom, grace, and courage!!

3. Pray for wisdom as we complete Journey of Hope, with all the details that are involved!!

4. Financial support – I’m God’s vessel doing His work!! When you support me, you are doing it to God, not me!

Give this year to God!! Expect Him to do great things in your life! Be willing to be used by Him! Show Jesus’ Love and be a light to this lost and lonely world!  I would love to hear about you Christmas and New year!! Thanks and may God bless you!!

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