“Nakuhitaji.. Bwana”

I need you.. Lord

I long for you… Lord

I give myself too you

Use me as you will

I need you.. Lord

Nakuhitaji, by Gloria Muliro

               These past months this has been my prayer. I’ve been here over 2 years, and like I’ve often said its been a journey, and the longer I’m here the more I see that I cannot fulfill this calling without the God and His’ Spirit in me.

Oh how my life has changed. This call that God’s given – if I would’ve known it would’ve been this life – changing, I don’t know if I would’ve answered it with a yes.


A 6 hour trip with 12 children and I’m one of the few people in charge, at one point I would’ve freaked and had a very frank “no”, but now its more like “Bring it on”.


10 children packed their bags and prepared themselves for the journey home to see their guardians. Some of them so excited, they’ve been all smiles and talking about “Shushu” – grandmother for the past few days, others smiling, ready for the day to come, others who are not so sure about going home, because they know there may be no food at home and more work to do, but all in all the children from Journey of Hope were going home to see their guardians.

Jeremiah was so excited to see his grandmother.

Jeremiah was so excited to see his grandmother.


Every holiday, April, August and December it is important for the children to go home to their guardians to remind them where God has taken them from, and also so that they can keep their relationship with their grandparents and their other family members.

It was one noisy van on the way to Makueni. The children were talking, laughing and singing. They were overjoyed.

“Charmaine, nitakumiss” – the children were telling me.

“I will miss you too”, I told them, and I have really missed them. Journey of Hope is just not the same without the children. I miss Peter’s smile and many stories, sociable Faith, talkative Susan, quiet Ndunge, the list goes on.


Being part of that trip was another reminder of how grateful I am to God, to be allowed to be part of these children’s lives. Its not a burden or struggle, but it it is a privilege.

When you answer God’s call, you never know what you may be getting into.

A few months ago, I became a sales woman, not officially, for the milk at Journey of Hope.

Let me explain, I live at Journey of Hope children’s home, but yet during the week, I still work in the office. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we have been blessed with 2 cows, so that means we are drinking milk and we also are selling the milk. We do not have enough customers in the community, so I started carrying the milk to ACMI, where there are many customers, who want Journey of Hope’s, good, and not milk that has been diluted.

IMG_4586 IMG_4593

So when God calls you, beware He’s calling you into something bigger than you think.

In the end of Nov., we had a Holistic Child Development training. It was eyeopening.

Children are a blessing, but in most cultures they are looked down upon. They should be seen, but not heard.

Lets look at Jesus as a child.

Luke 2:52

” And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

Wisdom – Cognitive – education

Stature – Physical – our physical growth

God – Spiritual – spiritual growth

Man – Social – Emotional

This is called Holistic Child Development and when you teach a child in all these areas, the child will grow up into a independent, but dependent adult who will be able to give back to his/her community.

As we went into this training deeper, my eyes continued being opened wider.

We were talking about the different ways children learn. I realized that the story tellers are being told to be quiet, they are not being mischievous when they keep talking but instead that is actually the way he/she learns. The same for the quiet one who doesn’t participate, but likes to do things by him/her self; you need to encourage him to participate, but yet you need to understand that is who he is.

Every child learns differently and is unique.

Children  answered the question to what they want to do when they grew up. Mwalimu is a teacher.

Children answered the question to what they want to do when they grew up. Mwalimu is a teacher.

We need to learn to observe our children and the children that we work with and we’ll start understanding why they say what they say and do what they do. This training taught me alot, but one of the key things I learnt was to serve God more effectively in this calling He has given me through observing the children more closely that we serve in Operation Hope and Journey of Hope.

With these things that God is teaching me, instead of feeling empowered and eager to move forward; I feel like King Solomon.

“And now, O Jehovah my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child; I know not how to go out or come in.” 1 Kings 3:7

God had chosen Solomon to be King, instead of his father David, but Solomon felt so inadequate. This inadequacy was the beginning of his kingdom.

He asked God for wisdom, and God gave him MORE than wisdom. He gave him riches, favour, etc.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

This verse gives me a flashback to a couple months ago. I was really sick with Tonsillitis, but there were some young prayer warriors, that God used to heal me.

I was passing by each one of the children’s rooms, to make sure they were in bed. I came to one of the boys rooms, and I heard a boy fervently praying to His father. Somewhere in this prayer, I heard him say “Heal Charmaine, in the Name of Jesus.”  I walked away from that room, feeling better than I had felt the whole day. Oh, the faith of a child.

Like this little boy’s prayer of healing on my body, I have been asking God for this wisdom from above to serve His little children, because like King Solomon I feel inadequate.

 Father God, fill me with your strength,

Spirit of God be with me

Your anointing fall on me

Lead me to do your work

That nations may know you

Nakuhitaji, Bwana

Nakuhitaji, by Gloria Muliro

Giving out Christmas gifts to our children at camp.

Giving out Christmas gifts to our children at camp.

Thanksgiving and Prayer Requests

1. I thank God for His safety. With all the things that are going on in this world, it is not luck that we have been spared, but it is a blessing, and it means God has not finished with us yet.

2. I pray for the changes 2015. There are some changes that will be happening. ACMI is receiving some visitors from out of the country. Pray that as we work together that things will go smoothly.



One way you can share in His work is by giving towards His work in Kenya. Would you consider sponsoring me monthly? Or just a one-time donation? Listen to how God wants you to help in His work, whether that’s praying, financially, or both. My monthly expenses are $400 a month, which goes towards my personal needs, accommodation, and other needs I see, ie. helping pay for a child go to school, support to the orphanage, etc. All of the proceeds go to the office in Kitchener, Ontario or in Dalton, Ohio, and then are sent to me in Kenya. The offices are not yet set up for automatic transactions, but they accept cheque. When you send money, send a note saying it’s for Charmaine Reimer. If it’s possible when you send monthly donations, send it by the middle of the month, so the money can be sent by the end of the month. You’ll receive a charitable receipt at the beginning of every year.

To my Canadian sponsors, you can now give your financial support through Canadahelps.org. You search for African Christian Missions Canada. You will see a place to Donate. You’ll be asked a few questions and than you’ll confirm and send the money.

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A few of my students at camp.

A few of my students at camp.