“Why not me?”

Why is being called not an easy task? Why is it that I am many kilometers from home, when my friends are at home close to their families, working and owning their own living, and some of them are dating or even married? When one asks these questions, one can ask God “Why me?”. 


You may wonder why the ostrich is alone, with different animals, walking the opposite direction, but maybe that is the same way we may feel, when God has called us. 

I’ve been on a journey reading through the Bible, and its been very eye – opening and inspiring. I’ve never read the Bible like this before. In this journey and its only the beginning, I’ve met many people that also had a calling, not to child ministry, but none the less, called by God. Here are just a few examples of the characters in the Bible that God called.

Sons of Aaron and the Levites – 1 Chronicles 23

When the other sons were given normal duties, or so we think, the sons of Aaron were given the calling to serve as priests in the temple. This took sacrifice, because they were literally giving their lives, night and day, to serving God.

Ruth – the book of Ruth

Imagine with me, you and your sisters are on a journey with your mother – in – law, and you are all given the opportunity to return to your home, your comfort zone, but you feel God is calling you to something else. This happened to Ruth, and she chose to answer God’s call. Although she had many sacrifices to make, God blessed her for the decision she made.

King Solomon – 1 Chronicles 29, and 1 Kings 3

Even as much as God had chose Solomon to be King, he was young and inexperienced. He had a very big task ahead of him, but one very important thing he knew was that his wisdom came from God and God blessed him with a wisdom that only came from above. He was also blessed with a very supportive father, who blessed him. I love this verse.

  “and give unto Solomon my son a perfect heart,

to keep thy commandments,thy testimonies, and thy statutes,

and to do all these things,

and to build the palace,

for which I have made provision.”

1 Chronicles 29:19

These questions that I raised in the beginning, I’ve asked them, many times, but I’m convinced and have learnt that the right question isn’t “Why me?”, it actually is “Why not me?”. I’m young and yes even inexperienced, like King Solomon, free, and willing. so why shouldn’t I give my life to serve my Heavenly Father?

One day these girls came into the home, holding little "cakes" of sand. This reminded me of my childhood, when I used to play with sand in the sandbox. I told them what I did and it led to this.

One day these girls came into the home, holding little “cakes” of sand. This reminded me of my childhood, when I used to play with sand in the sandbox.

I told them about these experiences and this is what it led too - making play phones. :)

I told them about these experiences and this is what it led too – making play phones. 🙂


Thanksgiving and Prayer Requests

1. I thank God for the opportunity to have my mom around for 2 months.

2. I thank God for Hannah, who will be staying with me at the orphanage for 8 months.

3. I pray for God’s wisdom, grace, and strength for year 2015 and what all lays ahead.


One way you can share in His work is by giving towards His work in Kenya. Would you consider sponsoring me monthly? Or just a one-time donation? Listen to how God wants you to help in His work, whether that’s praying, financially, or both. My monthly expenses are $400 a month, which goes towards my personal needs, accommodation, and other needs I see, ie. helping pay for a child go to school, support to the orphanage, etc. All of the proceeds go to the office in Kitchener, Ontario or in Dalton, Ohio, and then are sent to me in Kenya. The offices are not yet set up for automatic transactions, but they accept cheque. When you send money, send a note saying it’s for Charmaine Reimer. If it’s possible when you send monthly donations, send it by the middle of the month, so the money can be sent by the end of the month. You’ll receive a charitable receipt at the beginning of every year.

To my Canadian sponsors, you can now give your financial support through Canadahelps.org. You search for African Christian Missions Canada. You will see a place to Donate. You’ll be asked a few questions and than you’ll confirm and send the money.

If you are supporting me in any way, I kindly ask you too e-mail me and tell me in what way you are supporting me. If you have any questions concerning this or something else you can email me at reimercharmaine@gmail.com. Thank you for all your support! May God richly bless you for all that you have done! You are changing the life of a child, and when you change one child, you are changing a generation!

So saying this much, let us be willing to serve God with our lives in our churches, ministry, and in any other place we come into contact with people. May God bless you as you serve in your calling that God has given you.

Have a wonderful week! :)

Have a wonderful week! 🙂


What is Christmas?

What is Christmas?

“Snow, beautifully wrapped presents underneath a Christmas tree, Christmas lights and decorations, Christmas music “”Silent Night, Holy Night””, and some children and even adults might say Santa Claus. 

One might wonder, what is the actual definition of Christmas? But perhaps none of these are correct; these are just the physical symbols of Christmas.


This Christmas was a very special Christmas for me, and that is maybe why I’m still writing about it in the middle of January. 🙂

The Reimer Family

The Reimer Family

Cute Damian

Cute Damian

Handsome Seth

Handsome Seth

The 13th of Dec., as my families lives were going on normally, and my mom, oblivious to the fact that she would see me the next day, she bought a ticket to come and visit me this month, I was packing my bag’s to go and surprise them. So the next day to my families’ surprise, the next day I showed up at their doors. Much less to say they were surprised. Thank you Mel and Eli – that was the best Christmas present! 🙂

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it’s a long road back
I promise you
I’ll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree
Christmas eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
The short time I was at home these were the lyrics that were going through my mind. But for me, it was not just “in my dreams”, I was actually home for Christmas and it was a wonderful time – going to a symphony with my bro, having my 1st “sleepover” with my nephew, laughing and talking with my nephews, playing the farming game with my family, with creative rules that only the Reimer family would come up with, quality time with family members, high school besties, etc.
It all summed up to “It was wonderful to be home.”.
My handsome, awesome bro took me to a Christmas symphony. :)

My handsome, awesome bro. He took me to a Christmas symphony. 🙂

Seth must think he has crazy aunts and uncles. :)

Seth must think he has crazy aunts and uncles. 🙂

Beware when the Reimer's play the Farmer's Game, they have very interesting rules. :)

Beware when the Reimer’s play the Farmer’s Game, they have very interesting rules. 🙂

High school besties - True Friendship is not affected by distance, but it only becomes stronger.  Love ya, girls.

High school besties – True Friendship is not affected by distance, but it only becomes stronger. Love ya, girls.

In this brief time at home(Canada home), I was thinking about Christmas and what it really means, because these days there are so many defintions/thoughts on Christmas.
Christmas all started many years ago, when Jesus came to this Earth as a baby. I was challenged by a couple things about Jesus’ birth.
Mary was a teen,she had remained pure, but yet she was pregnant, but it wasn’t a normal pregnancy, she was pregnant with the Holy Ghost. She would’ve been killed for being pregnant and not married, but Joseph, her fiance, chose to protect her. This was only the beginning of Jesus’ story.
The night that Jesus was born, there was no room in any of the hotels/inns, so they ended up spending the night in a barn, and not just an empty barn that wasn’t being used, this barn was the home to sheep, cows, etc. Unlike, any King/Prince I know, Jesus was born in a manger. A manger was the feeding trough for the animals. Imagine, Jesus humbled himself to the point of being born in a feeding trough for cows. That is my Saviour.
A little after Jesus was born, chaos broke out in the country. The King commanded that all the baby boys – 2 years and younger should be killed, this included Baby Jesus. God intervened and spoke to Joseph through an angel. Jesus’ life was saved, again.
So what is Christmas?
Christmas is the celebration of Jesus birth. Jesus was a miracle baby, sent by His father, God, to save you and me from our sins. He came to give us joy, peace and freedom, but we have a choice to accept this gift or to reject it.
I am back home, and back to life and ministry here. In the next post I’ll give you a little bit of an idea of what 2015 looks life for me.
May God bless you as you start 2015. May you remember God in all that you do.
Photo Credits go to Melanie and myself.