Underneath the Beauty

Oh, when a child is born, there is joy for there is another miracle that is born, but in these sides of Kenya, yes it is a miracle, but some of the circumstances they are born into, are heart – breaking. One may wonder, is there hope, will there be beauty and life one day? 


The other day I was with my camera out in the compound. I was looking around and I was amazed and calmed by God’s beautiful creation. I took this picture and it reminded me of a child’s young, innocent and vulnerable life.

This made me think of the process that a seed goes through to become a beautiful flower. A seed is planted and whether in a well – kept garden or in a weedy, un – kept garden, the seed is still a seed, with the potential to become a beautiful, blooming flower one day.

Oh, I know so many children that have been born into both gardens – weedy and weeded, but there is one difference between the 2 gardens, one was given the chance to become a beautiful flower and the other wasn’t. The one seed had someone walking with it, watering it, watching it as it grew into a small plant, weeded it, and taking special interest in it. In all the challenges and achievements in this seed’s years, there was someone who cared about it.

On the other side of the road, there is another seed, with a much different story. It thought it may have been planted by accident. The house was falling down, the grass was long, with weeds and thorns, the window panes were broken and it had an eerie look about it. This was a house that was said to be condemned and out of bounds to all the children in the town. This is the environment of where this other seed was planted. No one would’ve ever guessed there was a seed that wanted to grow. There was no one watering and weeding this seed. There was no one interested, not even the one that had planted the seed, in this seed’s future in becoming a beautiful flower. But one day, the seed’s future changed; a gardener came along, and saw this abandoned yard. As he was cutting the grass, and pulling out the dandelions and thorns, he kept it in his mind, that there may be something trying to grow, that is when he found this plant trying to grow among all these thorns. Every morning before the scorching hot sun came out, he came, watered and weeded the seed.

And oh what a difference this gardener made in this seed’s life. The seed started thinking, “So someone does care.” soon people started walking by this yard and they saw an exceptionally beautiful flower. They stopped and asked themselves what happened and who had done this. They had been so busy sitting on their comfortable couches, watching their shows and movies, that they hadn’t noticed this miracle unfolding. They were baffled, and left the yard tongue – tied. This abandoned seed grew to be a beautiful flower, because a caring gardener came along and took interest to stop, get out of his comfort zone, and get his hands busy and dirty. I don’t know if this analogy speaks to you, but it speaks to me, because it reminds me of so many of the children that have become my family.

Does anyone love me? Is there really hope? You say there is a future, but is it true? Oh, these are just a few of the questions that children are asking, even screaming. These questions will rarely ever be verbal, but you can see them in their pleading eyes and in their demanding actions.

There is one picture that will not leave my mind and that is the picture of a sick and weak boy. His parents died, leaving him with his old grandmother/shushu. Like all of us know, grandmothers are meant to be grandmothers, not mothers and living with a grandmother, does something psychologically to a child. It affects the child, and it can stunt a child’s development – physically and social – emotionally. This leads me to the unforgettable picture. We are driving on a bumpy, and offroading kind of road. After some bumping along, we reach a humble yard with 3 homes. IMG_6031 “Hodi“, we say as we come into the yard. One lady is washing her feet, and there is a boy that comes out of a small house. He looks sick and weak. We are brought out chairs and we start talking. We find out that the boy has been sick for 5 days, and in his condition that is very serious. The old grandmother comes and she greets me with the traditional hug and greeting. There is sweat running down her face, from taking care of the goats, but nonetheless she is happy.

A miracle has come.

They didn`t have money to take the boy to the hospital, so they had sent their uncle to go and look for work, to get some money. It would have taken a couple days for the uncle to get some money, which wouldn’t have even be enough, and by then I don`t want to imagine how the boy would have been doing.

God remembered them, and because His son, Jesus, is no longer on the earth, he sent them a miracle, US.

We gave them money to take the boy to the hospital, and also money for food, because with the boy`s condition it is very important for him to get a stable diet, which I know does not happen on a regular basis. I left that humble home with a prayer, that God would remember the boy and that God would heal him, because He is our Jehovah Rapha – the Lord our healer. A human mind wouldn’t see hope, because he is often sick and unwell, so he misses a lot of school, which can affect his future.

Do I have hope? Do I really have a future? Am I loved? Does God have a plan for me?

I can almost promise you, these thoughts are running through this boys’ and many other children’s mind, but let me tell, God has a plan. But there is a catch, the plan is me, Charmaine, and you.

Like the seed, every child has been created by God, with potential and beauty, but this beauty will only come to be, if me, Charmaine, and you are willing to come along side them to love and nurture them.


Thanksgiving and Prayer Requests

1. I thank God for the time I’m having with my mom. We’ve been busy visiting the children in different parts of Kenya, and with different things around home.

2. I thank God for Hannah, who has come at a divine time, where my life has just gotten busier.

3. This is a thanksgiving and prayer request. After much prayer and fasting and entering many offices, I thank God He has opened the door to go to University. I’m pursuing a degree in Education for early childhood education. I’ll be doing it online. God has shown me that even when He’s called me, He still wants excellence in this calling. So why school? I want to serve the children that God has placed in my life more effectively. But in as much as I am excited, it is a big step, and also it will make my life busier than it already is, but when God opens a door, He leads you through it.

4. Along with #3, I am asking for God’s grace and wisdom to know how to balance school, and everything else that is required of me.

5. Lastly I pray for God’s safety as Mom travels home, in a week and a half. May God bless her for all that she has done.


Prayer is by far the best thing you can do to join in this work. But there are is another way you can share in His work and that is by giving. Would you consider sponsoring me monthly? Or just a one-time donation? Listen to how God wants you to help in His work, whether that’s praying, financially, or both. My monthly expenses are $400 a month, which goes towards my personal needs, accommodation, and other needs I see, ie. helping pay for a child go to school, support to the orphanage, etc. All of the proceeds go to the office in Kitchener, Ontario or in Dalton, Ohio, and then are sent to me in Kenya. The offices are not yet set up for automatic transactions, but they accept cheque. When you send money, send a note saying it’s for Charmaine Reimer. If it’s possible when you send monthly donations, send it by the middle of the month, so the money can be sent by the end of the month. You’ll receive a charitable receipt at the beginning of every year. To my Canadian sponsors, you can now give your financial support through Canadahelps.org. You search for African Christian Missions Canada. You will see a place to Donate. You’ll be asked a few questions and than you’ll confirm and send the money. If you are supporting me in any way, I kindly ask you too e-mail me and tell me in what way you are supporting me. If you have any questions concerning this or something else you can email me at reimercharmaine@gmail.com. Thank you for all your support! May God richly bless you for all that you have done! You are changing the life of a child, and when you change one child, you are changing a generation!


Let us love the children that God has placed in our lives and also those children that are silent, but yet in their hearts they are crying for love, which is me and you. God bless you.