Raining Cats

I am preparing supper in the kitchen, when I hear a sound, a sound that was coming from near by in my house. I thought that was strange, but kept going. I heard it again and I then opened my suitcase. I gasped….

Thursday, I came home from work and I found some tell tale signs that a cat had come to visit me when I was away. There was no big deal and I ensure the door to the cats entrance remained close. Everything was good.. or so i thought….

An unforgettable experience in Nov.

Sat. morning I wake up in good time to do my last 6 CAT’s(Mid term exams). Saturday alone I had four, so I was in for it. I got home around 7, 7:30.

As I am preparing supper in the kitchen, I hear a sound, a sound that was coming from in my house. I thought that was strange, but kept preparing supper. I heard it again and I then opened my suitcase. I gasped and stood still for a few minutes in shock of what I saw.

Three cute kittens.

Here the mother had come visited my house seeing that it would be a good home for her kittens. This explains why she kept coming to my house persistently meowing.

“What do I do?”

  1. I knew I would need to tell the landlord
  2. I wasn’t sure about the next step, but decided to put them in the ‘laundry room’, where the mother was able to enter. I also tried giving them some milk. My love for cats as a child, has not left me.


Sometime later, when I was on the phone with my sis, I heard the mother cat came and carried one kitten. I now could relax knowing she would come back for the others.

I knew everything was fine and retired for bed. After doing my devotions, I switched off the light, and closed my eyes only to hop out of bed a few minutes later after hearing a sound. I went to check on the kittens. I opened the door and I see the two remaining kittens dead with blood on the floor. Again, I was in shock and angry at whoever had committed this act of murder. In shock I scooped them up with the dustpan and dumped them in the dustbin. I had to decide in my heart to forgive this person, so that i could sleep in peace and wake up to do well in my remaining two exams.

After a night of ‘raining cats and dogs’ or in Kenya ‘raining lions and zebras’, i wake up and prepare for, I am hoping a better day.

I could tell it was going to be a rainy day, so I wore my boots. As I am walking out of our compound, a girl stops me and says that the shops outside our compound have been flooded. I think ‘Oh, so its really rained last night’

I then casually ask in Kiswahili ‘But there is still a way to pass, right?”

She repeats her previous statement of how its flooded. Obliviously, I continue walking, until I reach the gate and think twice ‘Oh, so its seriously rained last night’. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture, but I will try to form a picture in your mind.

Imagine a 3 – 4 inch river running over a sidewalk blocking you from the church entrance and remember you don’t have a vehicle. What will you do? The river is passing over your walkway/road, with no way, so you choose one of the following options:

  1. you pass through the river hoping your boots will be waterproof, knowing that you have exams and the whole day ahead of you
  2. Wait for a vehicle so that you can get a ride across the river
  3. You can be carried across by someone and of course you’ll need to pay.

Lets just say I chose one of them, thinking that I had experienced ‘Life in Kenya’. 🙂

Here is a photo of one of the places we had flooding, and this is like a week later, so just imagine it like almost running over the road. The flooding caused some people to lose property and forced people to temporarily move out of their houses.


We know the saying goes “Its raining cats and dogs”, well I had the mixture of the rain and cats that weekend, but I thank God that I had a dry place to return to at the end of the day.




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