Its been 6+ months since I boarded that plane to return to Canada and I am trying to figure out how I feel about it!


I miss Kenya – working with the children and my friends!



Such a joyful girl. God has changed this girls story from despair to hope!

Life has been busy and now things are catching up and it all hits me in tears.

It was a rough start as you all may have read in my previous blog, but I can testify of God’s faithfulness. So even tonight as I am sitting here missing my Kenyan home, I am choosing once again to remain positive. Why because I have hope. What is hope?

Hope – a confident expectation of what God has promised

My Testimonies

  1. My job

I went with mom to help her clean a family’s home one morning and a few days later I was asked by this same family if I am looking for a job. And here I am loving my job. They are a great family and have welcomed me into their tribe! The children are awesome and we have so much fun together. I love opening the door after a weekend away and being welcomed by a little but big hug or hearing “Charmaine, you’re like family, aren’t you?” or hearing “Thank you for babysitting us, Charmaine.” Plus many more….

Thank you Jim and Jennifer, Wyatt, Olivia and Lyla for welcoming me into your family!I love you all! Oh and I also love the way you have accepted my passion for orphaned children. It means alot!

 2. Celebration of Love

As soon as you read this statement, I bet some of your were thinking “I have a boyfriend”.

Well, just read on.

My coming home was so timely, I wasn’t home long and I get a phone call from my best friend saying “I’m engaged!”. I was so excited! She continues saying “And I have always dreamed of you being my maid of honor.” Of course I’d be honored and I consented! 🙂 I would not have missed this wedding and here God timed it all perfectly so I could fully participate in the planning of her big day! Those nights of sitting on the floor planning were great! And oh the joy I had standing beside her as she said “I do”. I thank God for this special gift from Heaven.

I am not done yet….

I came home desiring friends and I found one in my home. 2 wonderful ladies were welcomed into our home and family and guess what the oldest and I are only 6 months apart! We became friends and sisters. Oh those staircase conversations were the best and also sharing our nannying stories!

She got engaged and I enjoyed helping where I could! I was honored once again to  stand with her as she married the man of her dreams!

Both of these were beautiful weddings and a reminder of why I was home at this time. I thank God for the opportunity to stand with them as they vowed before God and man and said “I do”.

     3. Friends

Coming home from Kenya was lonely. After being away from Canada for so long, understandably people take different paths. And now I was on this scary path looking for friends and searching for where I belong.

Well after much prayer and waiting, like always, God provided!

I attended a church to visit Bishop Henry and Rev. Betty that I hadn’t been at for 3 years(I think). We had talked and lost contact, but now we reconnected. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in ‘Godcidence’.

In this search of belonging, I was looking for a church that I can call family. It was the 2nd Sunday there and this lady and I connect like Insta friends! There was a church bonfire and we laughed and talked like we had known each other for years. The next morning, we go on a walk and that is the beginning of many other memories made!

Sorry, I don’t have photos, but trust me they are real friends! 🙂

 4. Family

My nephews are reaching an age where one can connect at a deeper level and its been so special to have these moments! Conversations about Jesus, laughing, sleepovers, praying with them and playing! There are no words to describe when you hear them say your name for the first time!

I love them to the moon and back!

So tonight in my tears, God slowly turns my tears to joy. He reminded me of His faithfulness and all the things I should be grateful for. I am blessed. I am loved!

Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the Heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

Psalms 36:5