Winter Ponderings

I bundle up in my warm parka, gloves, hat and scarf. I step out the door and there is like 4-5 inches of snow. Its a laid back evening so I decide to clear the driveway so that there is less to clear in the morning. Its gently snowing. The street lights are shining softly on the surrounding homes. Its a winter wonderland. I hear a vehicle spinning cause the road isn’t in the best driving condition, but other than that its peaceful.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I thought I must be crazy thinking such.

A couple weeks later:

I spent hours picking and shoveling ice off the driveway. The sun was shining, melting the thick layer of ice, making it easier and more enjoyable somehow. My muscles begin to tell me that I am not used to this kind of work, but I kept going. It was hard work, but at least the sun was shining(something that has been rare these days).


A year ago, I was making the hard decision of returning to Ontario and here I am pondering how my life has changed. This past week was a harsh reminder that I am in Ontario. Two storms in 2 weeks, cold weather, no sunshine, bad driving conditions – all things that I am not used to after being away for 5 1/2 years. And its been hard to keep a positive attitude about it. God’s still working on that one.

But then tonight, I force myself to thank God. So I began thanking Him that I am home to hold my 6th nephew/niece, Jaxson, and how glad I am. I thank Him for a warm house and blankets. I thank Him for life and health. Sometimes one needs to change one’s attitude and I think, I’ll need to do a little more of that around here.

The past year has surprisingly been good mixed with some thorns of course. I have been blessed with God’s provision of work, a wonderful church family, special moments with my family and finding new friends.

I also had the opportunity to visit Kenya and my dear friends there. It was strange to go back as a visitor, but yet it was relieving to not have as much responsibility. It was hard to go back and realize that God doesn’t want me there right now. It was a confirmation that I am to be in Canada for such a time as this.

I told the children ‘goodbye’ and that God has a different chapter for me now. It was tear wrenching for me to say these words. I have seen them pass through the hard and good and now we are parting ways. These children have taught me to be an older sister and a closer follower of Jesus.


Walking the dusty streets with a girl that I have seen sick and so weak, was so refreshing. She had such a concern for me, asking me questions about home and how I was doing. She always tells me that she prays for me and loves me. She was one that I would plead to God to save her life, cause she is too young to die. And God has heard my prayer. She dreams of becoming a Doctor and I strongly believe that she will be a Doctor one day.

Witnessing a boy receive a prize for performing well in school almost brought tears to my eyes. He’s not just any boy. He used to not speak or write. He was restless and had a very low self esteem. But God has given him hope. His name has been changed to miracle. Today he quotes Bible verses, leads worship songs and is maturing into a young man.

Having the opportunity to teach young and open hearts about Jesus is always fun and challenging. This year, we had a larger class and so we were kept on our toes. I left early because I was going to celebrate my friends wedding and the children told me not to leave. It was hard to leave before the camp had ended, but it also was very important for me to be at my friends wedding. But than one clever child pipes up and says, “Mwalimu, ukienda, uende salama/Teacher, if you have to go, have a good trip.”


These children have such a special place in my heart and seeing them grow into mature and Godly young men and women is what I desire.

I thank God for the successful trip: seeing the children, visiting friends, Stella’s wedding and picking my school certificate.


It was wonderful to be home in Kenya, but I also was ready to return to my Canada home. So here I am in Waterloo and I am serving God here for this time. Obedience and trust is a hard thing to put into action, but yet there are blessings that follow.

Life has changed, but God hasn’t. Tonight I choose to rest in that!