Prayer is by far the best thing you can do to join in this work. And I want to thank you for all of your prayers.

But there are is another way you can share in His work and that is by giving. Would you consider sponsoring me monthly? Or just a one-time donation?

Listen to how God wants you to help in His work, whether that’s praying, financially, or both.

My monthly expenses are $400 a month, which goes towards my personal needs, accommodation, and other needs God shows me, ie. sponsoring a child to go to school, support to the orphanage, etc.

All of the proceeds go to the office in Kitchener, Ontario or in Dalton, Ohio, and then are sent to me in Kenya. The offices are not yet set up for automatic transactions, but they accept cheque. When you send money, send a note saying it’s for Charmaine Reimer. If it’s possible when you send monthly donations, send it by the middle of the month, so the money can be sent by the end of the month. You’ll receive a charitable receipt at the beginning of every year.

Note to Canadian sponsors,

you can now give your financial support through

  1. Search for African Christian Missions Canada.
  2. Click Donate. You’ll be asked a few questions and than you’ll confirm and send the money.  
  3. Select the Donation type to Charmaine Reimer – Missionary 


African Christian Mission-Canada,                                                                                                              3625 Nafziger Rd.                                                                                                                                     Wellesley, On, Can                                                                                                                                             N0B 2T0 

Note to US sponsors

You can give your support through the following address:

African Christian Mission-U.S.A,
213 Greenbrier Lane Dalton, OH                                                                                                      
44618, U.S.A                                                                                            

If you have any questions concerning this or something else you can email me at

Thank you for all your support! May God richly bless you for all that you have done! You are changing the life of a child, and when you change one child, you are changing a generation!


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